Monday, September 10, 2007

Strength for the coming year

Yom tov is challenging for almost every family, but those with stressful family or marriage situations can find this time of year especially burdensome. I wish all of you the strength to get through the holidays. I hope they will be meaningful for you and your family.

I also wish you a good and prosperous year in which your situation will markedly change for the better. We never can know God's plan for us.

Ketivah ve-chatimah tova,
May you be inscribed and sealed for a good life,

Mother in Israel


s.t.f.t.c. said...

Wow. So it seems that no one is in an unhappy marriage or no one wants to talk about it. With everything strewn about these blogs, this is the one topic that I haven't seen discussed and still continue not to see. Interesting. And disappointing.

mother in israel said...

I guess not--like I said at the beginning I can only try to stimulate discussion. If you would like me to post your story send it along.

anonymous mom said...

You know what, how about posting the happy ending to my story. I'd love to see that.