Sunday, July 8, 2007

Blog critics

I have been asked whether I consulted a rabbi for a psak (halachic ruling) before starting this blog. I don't feel I need one, because I am not going to be giving halachic advice or even directed guidance. I am not responsible if people write things in the comments section that are against halacha, any more than if someone turns on a light in my home on Shabbat. Every Jew should ask his or her own rabbi before following advice that might be against halacha, whether suggested on the Internet or anywhere else.

There already seems to be a core group of posters who know what they want out of this blog. In my experience, when people write things that are out of line, others step in until it gets straightened out. If that doesn't work, I will delete comments.


Anonymous said...

What about you giving suggestions or opinions on someones situation (in such a public setting non the less) after only hearing one side of the story, Is THAT not concerning. Halacha goes beyond milk and meat it governs everything we do- including speech, advice and 'tochacha'I understand that this is your outtake on life- if you dont see a need to ask a rav then you wont. But know that you are starting a blog which will discuss the most intimate place in peoples lives- their home, in a very public setting where advise will be given based on only one side of the story. I cant say Hatzlocha but I hope that no harm or any arguments come from this blog.

mother in israel said...

I think that we can give support even when we only hear one side of the story; we do it all the time in daily life. Anyway, perhaps the disclaimer at the end of my most recent post will satisfy you.

At any rate, I do not believe in giving advice (as opposed to suggestions) or tochacha in such a setting.

I am sure that we all have different opinions on various issues, that will come out in this blog. Arguments are not always a bad thing, if they are leshem shamayim.

If we were always worried about harm we would never do anything, Doing nothing can also cause harm.