Monday, July 9, 2007

Grappling with my Father's Mental Illness

One of the commenters mentioned a husband with a mental illness.

When my parents met, he showed some red flags but in her innocence, my mother thought he was fun loving and eccentric. He was good looking, charming and had a great sense of humor. My mother says to this day that they truly loved each other. As time went on, his symptoms grew worse and when I was born, the pressures of family life became too great. He went from doctor to doctor, physiatrist to physiatrist and they each prescribed him different cocktails to curb his moods. So began his lifelong chemical dependencies.
I think that either Aish or the author was dependent on the spell-checker and thus ended up with "psychiatrist" instead of "physiatrist."

That aside, please share your thoughts on the article.

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