Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Resource in Jerusalem

Amy left the following comment on A Mother in Israel:
I think a blog is a great idea. It might also be a good place to let women know that there are resources for those women who need more than just a blog. Lev Habayit, in Jerusalem, is a Counseling Center for orthodox and Charedi women (although no one checks) who are in difficult marriages. They provided short term counseling, consultation with a Toenet Rabbanit or with a lawyer, and consultation with an education specialist (for child-related issues).There is a nominal fee of 30sh. per visit. Lev Habayit can be reached at (02)622-2339.
Important information: Please read before posting.

This blog provides support for women in difficult marriages. It is not meant to take the place of professional marriage counseling or halachic advice. When commenting, please choose a user name other than anonymous.


stftc said...

While this is greatly appreciated, I hope the mission of the blog is clear. There are many of us who have sought help, employ strategies recommended to us by professionals and still lead difficult lives due to our chosen situation. The hope was that this blog would be a way for us to communicate with each other to strengthen and support each other as only we who experience this particular challenge can and to provide suggestions based on personal experience. I don't mean to diminish the advice of professionals and recommendations for those who have not yet been to see them or have read up on these interpersonal challenges including emotional abuse, but I think what would be uniquely beneficial is for us all to hear from each other. I would love to see more posts and I am wondering if people are lurking and not commenting or just do not know about this blog.

mother in israel said...

I realize that this resource is probably not appropriate for most women reading. I decided to post it anyway because 1) The children in a difficult marriage may need help, even if the couple stays together; 2) one never knows when one's situation will change, (and that applies to all of us) and 3) I am going to assume that many women in different types of situations may lurk on this blog or find it via a search, and this information will be of help to them.

I hope readers will take what they like and leave the rest.

I want to reiterate that if commenters are concerned about anonymity, they can send an email to me from an anonymous address. I will post it or add it to the commments, at their request.

Anonymous said...

on a nonJewish site, Poll Question: If you had your time over would you still marry the same man?
Yes of course (43 votes, 43.4%)
Maybe (9 votes, 9%)
No definitely not (10 votes, 10.1%)
At a push (2 votes, 2%)
Not married and never wanted to be (2 votes, 2%)
Waiting for the right person [*************] (33 votes, 33.3%)
Total Votes: 99
I wonder how that would run with a frum audience.

Anonymous said...

I found this while searching for a therapist to help with my difficult WIFE and was shocked to see such a sexist blog.

mother in israel said...

Hi anonymous,

This blog was started because a group of women commenting on another blog found that they were all in difficult marriages. It's not meant as a statement that men can't be in a similar situation. It's not even saying that the man is more often at fault. At any rate, there's been very little activity here for whatever reason. I wish you the best in your own situation.