Sunday, July 8, 2007

A joke for Tzipporah

I found it here, at Harry Leichter's Jewish Humor site.
Rabbi Rabbi Albert H. Friedlander of England's Westminster synagogue, who is known for his soft, melodious voice, often tells this story when visiting a community and preaching a sermon.

"Before I begin my sermon (talk), I must make a confession. It is not really a confession, because you have already begun to realize that I have a soft, quiet voice. To be honest: IT PUTS PEOPLE TO SLEEP. And why not? A fifteen-minute snooze might help a congregant far more than anything else I can do for him or her.

However, I really object when the president of my congregation always falls asleep within two minutes of my starting the sermon. Once, I challenged him: "Max, WHY do you always fall asleep as soon as I begin to preach?" "Rabbi," he said firmly, "I trust you."

Source: Rabbi Albert H. Friedlander


tzipporah said...

lol! i'll try to find some as well!

YMedad said...

A former resident of Shiloh, Rav Nechemiah Taylor, was once so happy to hear me make a drosha on Friday night and when I came off the bimah, I asked him why.
"Well," he said, "it's the first time I've seen you awake during a drosha."

ravaj said...

how happy it made me to see this reference to my darling father z"l. it so happens that you posted on the date of his 3rd yahrzeit. thank you for helping his memory to continue to be a blessing.
- aj.